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Grabner VP Vision TN

Grabner Instruments Introduces Trend-Setting New Instrument for Vapor Pressure Testing
March 1, 2016 — AMETEK Petrolab Company, a worldwide leader in automatic petroleum testers, announces the launch of a new, highly versatile and portable vapor pressure tester designed by Grabner Instruments®-- the MINIVAP VP Vision. The new analyzer features significant improvements in terms of measurement range that allows one instrument to measure gasoline, jet fuel, crude oil, LPG and solvents (without needing to attach a pressure regulator).

The analyzer is certified to work in cold as well as hot and damp climates and has a demonstrated ability to withstand vibrations and heavy shocks coming from any direction. It is the ideal tester for mobile laboratories, military applications and harsh, demanding environments.

The MINIVAP VP Vision is the first vapor pressure tester that demonstrates excellence in engineering and quality and offers an extended pressure range of 0 to 2000 kPa without compromising precision. Long-term testing has demonstrated an unmatched repeatability of less than 0.2 kPa. Grabner’s newly developed 2D-Correction™ (273 points) and exact piston positioning guarantee that accurate and precise results are received over the full measuring range. In addition, the MINIVAP VP Vision features Grabner´s Sampling Pro™ valve design, which during ruggedness tests proved to be the best-in-class, piston-based design for minimizing cross contamination between various sample types.

The MINIVAP VP Vision uniquely combines ease of use with flexibility. A modern, app-like user interface makes it easy to select, start and follow measurements directly on an industry-proven 10” touch screen. In addition, Grabner’s Cockpit™ PC software offers lab managers the utmost in flexibility. The software allows users to consolidate measurement results and statistics from multiple locations at one central lab and to store measurement data at any chosen location via direct Ethernet and LIMS-connection. The software can be accessed through a secure VPN tunnel, allowing true mobile access to instruments from any place at any time. Click here for additional information.

LT Parafuel Photo TN 
Petrolab Company offers High Performance Near Infrared Analyzers for Laboratory and In-Line Measurements
September 8, 2015 -
AMETEK Petrolab Company has proudly sold and serviced Grabner Vapor Pressure Testing Instrumentation for over 25 years. Petrolab will expand its product offering with the addition of Near Infrared (NIR) analysis from Light Technology Industries (LTI). Petrolab Company along with Grabner Instruments will sell, market and support the LTI NIR Process analyzers worldwide.

For the past 30 years, LTI has been known as an innovator in the field of NIR analysis. With an installed base of over 1000 systems, their products include both In-Line process and benchtop analyzers. LTI’s instruments provide rapid, non-destructive measurements of chemical properties and reduce laboratory costs while improving process controls in refineries and chemical plants. The instruments provide solutions throughout the refining process, from Crude Oil to Refined Fuels. The LTI product offering compliments Petrolab’s line of In-Line and Laboratory instrumentation for petroleum testing.

The ParaFuel NIR Process analyzer provides real-time In-Line analysis of Diesel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Kerosene and other petroleum fractions for a wide range of critical properties including Octane, Distillation Points, RVP and more. It also provides measurement of Crude Oil, blending components and blended fuels. The analyzer is also offered in a Benchtop version designed to improve efficiency in laboratories. The ParaFuel is used by state and corporate laboratories for Octane, pump quality testing and other fuel measurements such as biodiesel content. In all cases, the ability to quickly measure physical and chemical properties easily, accurately and in a non-destructive manner provides significant value for users. Click here for additional information.

Grabner IRXpert Photo TN
 Intelligent and Portable Fuel Analysis
December 12, 2011 -
Petrolab Company, a subsidiary of Ametek, introduces a new portable and versatile new FTIR-spectrometer from Grabner Instruments® for the fully automatic measurement of gasoline, diesel and biofuel blends. The MINISCAN IRXpert is the first dedicated portable fuel analyzer, which combines superior scanning range and resolution and the advantages of mid-IR and NIR spectroscopy for highest measurement accuracy and robustness. More than 40 fuel parameters are automatically analysed. Designed as a self-learning analyzer, an unlimited number new fuel parameters can be analyzed at the push of a button.

In the nineties, Dr. Werner Grabner, founder of Grabner Instruments in Vienna,  Austria has developed the IROX, the first portable FTIR spectrometer to measure the concentration of oxygenates in gasoline by mid-IR. Based on 20 years of expertise and customer feedback from around the world, the new MINISCAN IRXpert pioneers the paradigm shift towards a new quality in fuel analysis. The instrument houses a unique dual cell design spectrometer that offers an extended wavelength range from mid-IR to NIR, superior resolution and the capability to analyze multiple fuels in one instrument. Maximum measurement stability is guaranteed through a temperature controlled measuring cell and density meter. Unmatched robustness in property prediction is ensured by combining the information from the mid-IR and the near infrared spectrum. Instead of a few selected areas, the full spectrum and more than 12,000 data points are considered for the analysis.

The MINISCAN IRXpert comes fully configured to test more than 40 important parameters in fuels collected for the laboratory or tested right from the street. Oxygenates, aromatics, benzene, octane boosters and cetane improvers, and biodiesel content are measured with unprecedented precision. A number of key properties of fuels, such as octane and cetane number, vapor pressure and distillation properties are accurately predicted by utilizing a worldwide sample database and by combining the information from the mid-IR and NIR spectrum range derived from a high resolution scan. Click here for more information.

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