The Tamson product line provides instrumentation for exact temperature controlling within various ranges (-100 to ± 250 °C).

Tamson Brochure Photo 
Bath And Circulator Brochure

Tamson Viscosity Bath Selection Table

Baths & Circulators

We offer a range of thermostatic bath products and accessories manufactured by PM Tamson Instruments® ranging from cold and hot circulator baths, water re-circulators, immersion and re-circulation coolers and viscometer baths. The baths and circulators provide reliable and accurate temperature regulation of fluids and accuracy. This equipment can be found in many diverse areas of research across industrial fields such as petroleum, universities, research institutes and quality control laboratories.  Take a look below.

Tamson TC16 Photo TNHeating Baths, Circulators & Water Baths
The Tamson TC system can be used as a circulator or a bath. The fluid inside the bath is warmed up via a microprocessor controlled heating element. To work below +45°C, cooling must be used. Tap water or a TLC-Series cooling circulator can be used for this purpose.

Tamson TLC15 Photo TNCooling Baths, Circulators & Cryostats
The Tamson TLC-series cooling circulators can be uses for multiple heat removal purposes such as replacement of tap water, general cooling or in combination with ASTM flashpoint testing instrumentation.

Tamson KV80 PhotoHeat Removal & Cold Finger Cryostats
Tamson KV-system is a "cold-finger" cryostat - The cooling-probe is a stainless steel coil formed at the end of a 2.5 meter flexible hose. The cooling-probe can be placed into liquid to cool it.

Tamson TLV25 Photo TNLow Temperature Viscosity & Calibration Baths
For the Tamson TLV25, temperatures are measured in 25 liters of Methanol with KV80 cryostat. The TLV system contains a 25 liter Dewar-Barrel.

Tamson TV4000 Photo TNConstant Temperature Viscosity Baths
Tamson's TV-Series viscometer and calibration baths are specially designed for tests that not only require ultra-precise temperature control, but also where processes need to be followed visually, e.g. viscosity, thermometer calibration, crystal growing, density and reaction rate measurement.

Tamson TV2000 AKV Photo TNAutomated Kinematic Viscosity 
Automate D445 measurements with the Tamson TV2000/AKV measuring system. Similar bath features to the TV-Series, with microprocessor-control and calculation module. Simply place the sample in a viscosity tube, enter the tube ID and the TV2000/AKV handles the rest. The unit prints out a hard copy of all important test data required for today's ISO-9000 registered laboratories.

Tamson TFBT TN

Filter Blocking Tendency Tester
The TFBT from Tamson is an automatic instrument designed to test the Filter Blocking Tendency (FBT) of distillate fuels including diesel, biodiesel (B100 & B5/7/20/30), gas oil, gas turbine fuel, and kerosene. It conforms to ASTM D2068.

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