Open the Lovibond Color Scale Matrix to determine which instrument is best for your application.

Instruments specialized for analysis of
  Liquid Chemicals
•  Industrial Oils
•  Petroleum Oils
•  Dark Oils 
•  Fats
•  Beers 
•  Malts 
•  Caramels
•  Pharmaceutical Solutions
•  Surfactants 
•  Sugar Solutions 
•  Syrups
•  Honey Water
•  Wastewater
•  Transparent Liquids

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Food, Flavors & Fragrance Brochure
Color Analysis

Petrolab Company is pleased to present the Lovibond® automatic colorimeter product line which offers a choice of more than 20 color scales. Each version includes a selection of scales that is used depending on the industry sector. Additional scales can be added as optional upgrades. The instrument allows the user to obtain the closest match to stored references or to build up a customized scale from a series of reference samples. 

Lovibond® PFXi995
Comprehensive Color Data for Processors of Oils and Oil Derivatives
The PFXi995 is perfect for companies that process a broad selection of products with various color specifications, particularly in central test facilities or in independent testing laboratories.

Lovibond® PFXi880

An easy to use, high precision spectrophotometer for objective color analysis
The PFXi880 offers a long sample chamber for cells up to 153 mm (6") path length, ensuring precise color measurement, without the multiplying errors of competitive instruments - including unsaturated samples such as solvents and white oils.

Lovibond® PFXi950
Scales are accepted internationally for oil analysis
Economical version of PFXi950 incorporating scales that meet color analysis requirements of oil processor Color Scales for Oils and Oil Derivatives.

Reference Standards Photo TNCertified Color Reference Standards
Ideal for routine calibration or verification of test data, certified liquid standards provide real world samples at a low cost. Standards are supplied in a 500ml bottle and have a one year shelf life once opened.

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