Petrolab Company offer over a wide variety of manual, semi-automatic & automatic instrumentation for laboratory & field testing for most industries.

After you purchase an instrument with Petrolab Company, be assured that our Technical Support, Calibration & Service facility is at your disposal.

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Additional Instruments


B&S Refractometer 300 SeriesRefractometer (ASTM D1218-02 & 5006 Compliance)
RFM300+ Refractometers from Bellingham & Stanley offer a wide refractive index range and peltier temperature control. The large sampling area on the prism surface allows measurement of homogenous fluids such as edible and mineral oils and difficult to read samples such as fruit pulps and industrial resins.

IKA Calorimeter Photo TNCalorimeter (Isoperibol & Dynamic Operation)
The C2000 Calorimeter is a highly automated calorimeter for determining the energy content of liquid and solid samples. Test samples are sealed in a decomposition vessel, sometimes referred to as a bomb, which is then automatically pressurized with oxygen and ignited.

LK Centrifuge Photo TNCentrifuge (ASTM D91, D96, D893, D1796, DD2273, D2709 & D4007)
Petrolab Company offers lab centrifuges from LK Industries. The centrifuges are commonly used to measure: water and sediment in crude oil, fuel oil and middle distillate fuel; the precipitation number of lubricating oils and insolubles in used lubricating oils.

LT Parafuel Photo TNParaFuel NIR Process / Laboratory Analyzer
With the ParaFuel analyzer, accurate measurement of the properties of petrochemical products and crude oils is easy. Whatever the analytical need – inspection of crude oil or finished products, in-line property measurements, or validating shipments – the ParaFuel can do the job. The optical analysis technique allows for easy integration and rapid In-Line measurement.

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