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Automatic Viscosity

Petrolab Company offers a full range of full-view constant temperature baths.

Tamson TV2000 AKV Photo TN
Automated Kinematic Viscosity
Automate D445 measurements with the Tamson TV2000/AKV measuring system. Similar bath features to the TV-Series, with microprocessor-control and calculation module.

Tamson TLV25 Photo TNLow Temperature Viscosity & Calibration Baths
For the Tamson TLV25, temperatures are measured in 25 liters of Methanol with KV80 cryostat. The TLV system contains a 25 liter Dewar-Barrel.

Tamson TV4000 Photo TNConstant Temperature Viscosity Baths
Tamson's TV-Series viscometer and calibration baths are specially designed for tests that not only require ultra-precise temperature control, but also where processes need to be followed visually, e.g. viscosity, thermometer calibration, crystal growing, density and reaction rate measurement.



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